WIP Wednesday: Diamond Socks

WIP Wednesday! Today’s WIP are my Diamond and Cable Socks by Wendy Johnson. At the beginning of August I kept having trouble with any of the 2-at-a-time socks I’d started. After three tries I decided to do a new pair, for me this time, and have them as a travel knit. Most of the time my socks are done 2aat but I think 1aat socks are perfect for traveling.

With 2 at a time, there is the slight worry about yarns tangling and such things. HPKCHC’s term starts up again on Thursday and it’d be great to only have one more sock to do to complete the pair.

Yesterday I was able to complete the heel, which is great. If there’s any part of the sock that I don’t like doing on the go, its the heel. For not being hard, the heel is the most complex part of a sock. Because it is back and forth on one needle, if it ever came out when I was not somewhere I could easily grab all the stitches, I’d be in trouble. Now that the heel is done, I can work on the leg and then ribbing of the cuff. Perhaps I can even finish the current sock today.


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