WIP Wednesday: Haruni II

WIP Wednesday! Today’s WIP is Haruni by Emily Ross. This will make my second Haruni. The original Haruni was made for my cousin and can be seen here. I knew as soon as I’d finished it that I would need to make one for me soon, but in a different color. My friend Jackie had always said Haruni was one of those shawls that you would want in every color of the rainbow.

I’m starting out with green. My cousin’s was a purple tonal (and I’ll use the same yarn and make one identical for me later. She won’t care.) and mine is a deep green tonal. A couple of my friends and I all have the same yarn so we’re knitting Haruni as a KAL (knit-along).

The first chart calls for 12 stems and can easily be left at 10. I’m doing the full 12 because it is my shawl and I’m not in a hurry to get it done for someone else. The first chart is super simple so there’s a chance I can finish it either over the weekend or early next week. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.


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