A Very Ravenclaw Day

Today was the day that I was to meet up with Jen and Daisy – better known as Fricky. We had plans for an 11:30am lunch. As always, it took a bit to get mom out of the house so we got to the Barnes & Noble probably about 11:45am or so. But it was okay. Mom left to go to Richmond to do some shopping and the girls and I headed over to Panera. I got a sandwich made of ham and swiss on rye bread with some chips and a caramel latte. It was very yummy, but would have been better heated up. I don’t eat at Panera often so I didn’t know if they would/think to ask. While we had lunch, Fricky gave Jen the present she got for TriBaby. The first thing was two adorable pirate bath duckies. She also gave TriBaby a little onzie and a cute hat she made. I had decided two days earlier that I was not going to stress myself out and try and hurry up to do a pair of booties. I’ll be in Richmond Halloween-ish so if I can get them done by then, maybe I can see Jen to give them to her.

After lunch we headed over to the downtown mall to hit the yarn store. Unfortunately, it was closed. Of all the Sundays to pick to be close. It really sucked because Fricky had called this week and the woman she got, probably a part-timer, had said that yes, they would be open. Oh well. We admired the yarn from the windows for a few minutes before heading on over to a quilting store since Fricky does quilting. After being in there for awhile and looking at all of the shinies, we went to the bead store. I almost bought some beads but decided against it because I don’t really have any planned projects for beads that I don’t already have. When I buy beads, it’s when there is a project in mind. Most of the time.

After the bead store, we headed back over to Barnes & Noble and sat down to knit for a bit. Well, Jen and I did. Fricky didn’t have anything that was an easy knit. Haruni wasn’t the best choice, because it was at a chart change and I had to be careful to make sure I did it right. Eventually they left. I had the smarts to call my brother right after, since mom was still there. So I quickly called Jen and asked if she could take me back to Richmond with her instead of me sit on my ass for an hour. She said yes so I got even more Jen time. ♥ We talked about HPKCHC and how it’s pretty much impossible to do everything there is to do now. HPKCHC was a main theme of our conversation the entire day.

I only ended up buying lunch, a smoothie, and a snack for me and mom on our way out of town but she said she’d pay me back. It was a wonderful day~!


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