FO Friday: End of the Month

I didn’t get as much done in September as I’d planned to do. It was also another month without socks worked on, which saddens me. I love knitting socks but I just never found the time to work on them. I was able to knit up over 450g of yarn in a month, 463g to be exact.

I was able to complete 4 things, one being a WIP left from August and I also dyed some yarn. What I didn’t finish was Haruni or Snapdragon Tam. It’d be nice to be able to finish the tam before Tuesday so I can wear it as sort of my “lucky” hat for my French test. Mostly I just want a new hat.

Allison’s Hat/Scarf | Ravenclaw Mitts | Ravenclaw Beanie | Seaweed Cowl & Mitts

I think I’m going to start doing Shawl/Sock/Sweater progress on Saturdays. What that means is that whatever I’ve been working on during the weekend that is one of those three, I’ll get to talk about and show off progress! :D


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