FO Friday: NaNoWriMo Mitts

A couple years ago I came out with my first design – a pair of basic fingerless mitts. They were Harry Potter based so I didn’t want to use them for just everything. So I rewrote the pattern and changed the way the thumb is done. The original was putting thumb stitches on waste yarn and reknitting the yarn. Then I’d have to pick up stitches later. The new version has a thumb gusset, which I’ve found I like much more.

As always, after designing a pattern, I had to knit it up to make sure it works. I knit the larger size first, which fits perfectly in DK yarn, except there are a few too many stitches on the thumb for me to be happy.

Pattern: Easy Fingerless Mitts – link coming later

Yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino DK in purple multi

Needle: 3.75mm

I also made them as a pair of quick new mitts for NaNoWriMo next month. I like making myself a new pair every year and I’d forgotten about it for awhile. When I remembered, I only had time for a simple pair. By next year I’ll have my colorwork mitts finished and will be able to wear those.


WIP Wednesday: Diamond & Cable Socks

I was busy last Wednesday and forgot to do a WIP post and then I didn’t have anything for Friday so it’s been a week. Sorry!

In August I started a pair of one-at-a-time socks to be my travel socks when I needed something to work on. However, they’ve just been sitting in my WIP drawer waiting for me to return to them today. In chat today we were talking about colorwork, prompting me to want to restart the pair of colorwork fingerless mitts I never finished over the summer because they didn’t come out the same. Problem? These socks are on the 32″ circular I need for the cuff.

These socks come out of Wendy Johnson’s book ‘Toe-Up Socks for Everybody’. I think I want to make all of the socks out of this book eventually. She’s one of my all time favorite sock designers.

FO Friday: Underwater Secret Hat

It’s FO Friday! Tuesday I finished up my alpaca winter hat. :D If I have enough for it, it will be part of a hat/scarf/mitt set. If not, it’ll just be the hat and scarf. Originally I started the scarf but I have larger projects to focus on right now so I’ll do it later. Plus, it was too loose for what I wanted and I’d messed up a couple times. The scarf is a great mindless knit.

The pattern is from a hat/mitt pattern set that another Ravenclaw published not too long ago. I saw it and wanted it. It didn’t take long for me to give in and buy it. The pattern is super easy. Instead of using worsted I used bulky because it was the weight of my alpaca and I wanted to use my alpaca. (Which means I omitted a pattern repeat to make it just right instead of too long)

<3 this hat so much. OMG.

WIP Wednesday: Artichoke Socks

Its WIP Wednesday! Today I’m working on my first pair of beaded socks. The leg is done already and I’m on the heel. It’s not the normal heel flap I’m used too because its patterned. That means it’ll probably take me a little longer to get it done. This pair is also done 1-at-a-time because I didn’t feel up to dealing with beads + 2aat.

This pair of socks are my “autumn” socks. They’re colored perfectly for the season. And next year when I get them done, I’ll have a pair of Samhain socks again. :D The original pair didn’t match each other so I frogged them. And started doing most of my socks 2aat.

I’ll probably wear them on Thanksgiving Day.

Sweater Saturday: Ashfield Cardigan

Because today is the second Saturday in October, it is sweater Saturday! I’m not really going to develop a plan for which Saturdays are sweaters over socks or shawls. It’ll just be what I feel like talking about at the time. Today is my Ashfield Cardigan. Not only is it my first cardigan, its my second sweater ever (and the first one isn’t complete yet).

I fell in love with Ashfield when my friend Jackie made one last year. I’d already started working on the blue sweater and decided that I wanted a green one next. I bought the yarn for it from Knit Picks for under $30.¬†12 skeins. That’s what its going to take to get my cardigan done. I’m… only at the end of the first skein. I need to be finished with skein 6 by the end of the month.

This always seems to happen. I’ll start a big project and then because of HPKCHC, I’ll get distracted by the newest classes which are smaller and lose my momentum on the larger project. And then it sits and doesn’t get done. I have 2 smaller projects to get done by the 15th at the latest. When they’re done I can return to Ashfield… and do 2 skeins per week.

FO Friday: James’ Winter Hat

I ended up skipping WIP Wednesday this week because I worked on Haruni some more and the picture isn’t really going to change now. It’ll just look like a green blob until I get it done and onto the blocking wires.

This week I completed my nephew’s hat. Now I can send them to my sister so that he’ll be able to wear it now, instead of going through half the winter without it. Next year they don’t get anything new. I know they’re growing but they don’t need new hats and scarves every year! For Allison’s birthday I’ll make her some barbie clothes. James gets a cute outfit Mom found on sale when we were in Walmart. I wouldn’t have any idea what to make a 4 year old boy.

I also think I’m done with the stuff I was making that Dad could sell for me. There’s just so many things I want to knit for me right now that I don’t have time to add it in. I can do me + stuff to sell or me + presents, but certainly not both. Although, presents are almost done. Maybe I’ll make some stuff to sell on etsy once they’re done. Or I get a handle on what I’m making for me. We’ll have to see…