FO Friday: James’ Winter Hat

I ended up skipping WIP Wednesday this week because I worked on Haruni some more and the picture isn’t really going to change now. It’ll just look like a green blob until I get it done and onto the blocking wires.

This week I completed my nephew’s hat. Now I can send them to my sister so that he’ll be able to wear it now, instead of going through half the winter without it. Next year they don’t get anything new. I know they’re growing but they don’t need new hats and scarves every year! For Allison’s birthday I’ll make her some barbie clothes. James gets a cute outfit Mom found on sale when we were in Walmart. I wouldn’t have any idea what to make a 4 year old boy.

I also think I’m done with the stuff I was making that Dad could sell for me. There’s just so many things I want to knit for me right now that I don’t have time to add it in. I can do me + stuff to sell or me + presents, but certainly not both. Although, presents are almost done. Maybe I’ll make some stuff to sell on etsy once they’re done. Or I get a handle on what I’m making for me. We’ll have to see…


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