Sweater Saturday: Ashfield Cardigan

Because today is the second Saturday in October, it is sweater Saturday! I’m not really going to develop a plan for which Saturdays are sweaters over socks or shawls. It’ll just be what I feel like talking about at the time. Today is my Ashfield Cardigan. Not only is it my first cardigan, its my second sweater ever (and the first one isn’t complete yet).

I fell in love with Ashfield when my friend Jackie made one last year. I’d already started working on the blue sweater and decided that I wanted a green one next. I bought the yarn for it from Knit Picks for under $30. 12 skeins. That’s what its going to take to get my cardigan done. I’m… only at the end of the first skein. I need to be finished with skein 6 by the end of the month.

This always seems to happen. I’ll start a big project and then because of HPKCHC, I’ll get distracted by the newest classes which are smaller and lose my momentum on the larger project. And then it sits and doesn’t get done. I have 2 smaller projects to get done by the 15th at the latest. When they’re done I can return to Ashfield… and do 2 skeins per week.


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