FO Friday: NaNoWriMo Mitts

A couple years ago I came out with my first design – a pair of basic fingerless mitts. They were Harry Potter based so I didn’t want to use them for just everything. So I rewrote the pattern and changed the way the thumb is done. The original was putting thumb stitches on waste yarn and reknitting the yarn. Then I’d have to pick up stitches later. The new version has a thumb gusset, which I’ve found I like much more.

As always, after designing a pattern, I had to knit it up to make sure it works. I knit the larger size first, which fits perfectly in DK yarn, except there are a few too many stitches on the thumb for me to be happy.

Pattern: Easy Fingerless Mitts – link coming later

Yarn: Jaeger Baby Merino DK in purple multi

Needle: 3.75mm

I also made them as a pair of quick new mitts for NaNoWriMo next month. I like making myself a new pair every year and I’d forgotten about it for awhile. When I remembered, I only had time for a simple pair. By next year I’ll have my colorwork mitts finished and will be able to wear those.


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