WIP Wednesday: Morgandy Mittens

About a week ago I agreed to test knit a friend’s mitten pattern she had just come up with. The deadline for them is the 30th of November. It’s not like I have anything else to knit, right? (HA!) Once I got going, they’re pretty easy. I actually took this picture yesterday before I trusted the pattern enough to just knit as written and see how it turned out. It’s a little long but once I fix the thumb (made it too short) it should be fine.

Right now I have the first one done and the second one past the ribbing and on the first cabled repeat. The second of a pair always goes faster for me so I should be able to easily finish by my deadline. I’m not sure if I’ll keep them for me or give them away to a friend or not.


Etsy Monday – Stock Total = 9

It’s Etsy Monday! Today I also got the little bit of stock I sent to dad back so that I can take more pictures of it and list it on Etsy. I did find some white pieces of not-quite poster board that I can use for some of the smaller stuff. It’s a bit thicker than real poster board but I can’t recall the name of it now. My stock of now looks like:

Green Beanie (S/M)
Gray Beanie (S)
Pink Beanie (L)
Funfur Scarf
Blue Scarf
Blue/Silver Scarf
Gray fingerless gloves
Red neckwarmer
Seaweed neckwarmer/fingerless mitts set

I actually need to redo the blue/silver scarf because it was the first scarf I ever crocheted and didn’t do it lengthwise. So because I wasn’t used to crochet, it’s wider at one end and narrower at the other. Noticeably. So I probably won’t list that one. But the rest of it is to get me started while I work on a couple others things and finish up this year’s crafting, right? I’m working on designing cabled items now, first up are the legwarmers.

Sock Saturday: Artichoke Socks

This week I didn’t just finished Haruni on Saturday. I also finished four other projects. Three of them are projects that I’m not super excited about – but the fourth I am. It was a pair of socks I’ve been working on since October. The socks are beaded and done cuff down, something I can do but it isn’t my preferred method of doing socks.

Pattern: Artichoke
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Pumpkin
Needle: 2.25mm
Notes: Used gold beads

I realized in knitting these one-at-a-time just how much I missed 2aat sock knitting. I opted for 1aat because I’d never done beading before and wasn’t sure how it was going to go. For awhile I didn’t want to work on the second sock because I just wanted the pair to be done. But then a couple nights ago when I couldn’t sleep I sat down and cranked out the last of it. :)

FO Friday: Canopy Haruni

Do you remember the shawl I made my cousin? It’s found here. As soon as I was done, I wanted to start one for me. Because I didn’t want it to be exactly the same, at least not yet, I picked out a green in the same tonal yarn for mine. … Apparently I finished it before I started this blog. Well, the link is a picture to it.

Well. Mine is done. It, like the mitts from Wednesday, has been given a nickname from Kingdom Hearts. My Haruni is named Ventus II, after one of the characters from Birth by Sleep. The original Ventus shawl is more like a scarf.

It came out beautiful, don’t you think? I wanted mine a little bigger and was going to add a repeat to it but ended up not. So although I used bigger needles so it looks bigger, both Harunis used the same amount of yardage, 75g of fingering. I’ve worn mine almost every day I’ve left the house since I finished it and it was done blocking (Tuesday).

WIP Wednesday: Endpaper Mitts

This last week I’ve been working steadily on several projects but haven’t finished anything yet (hence, no FO post Friday.) And then this weekend was majorly busy with company so I forgot about Saturday’s sock update and Monday’s Etsy update. This week is better, as I’ve already finished something for Friday.

Today I’m working on my very first pair of colorwork fingerless mitts, nicknamed the Kairi mitts after Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite video games series and a couple friends and I have designed KALs for specific characters from both KH and Final Fantasy. We pick out patterns and colors and assign them to certain characters. Kairi wears pink most of the game but because I’m not a pink fan, I picked out a colorway I have that is a pink/purple/red multi and looks amazing with a black yarn.

You can see why I’m loving them. I haven’t really done colorwork before but I know how to do it because I’ve tried before. The first two times it was a Ravenclaw bag I will one day do. Third time it was these mitts, same yarn. I just realized that I’d messed up on the first one in the beginning. Instead of saving myself work and only frogging the first, I decided to redo them later, hence now. It’s going to be really nice to wear them this winter. Because of the two yarns, they’re extra thick and warm.

The picture is a little dark but you can get the idea of what they’ll look like when done.

WIP Wednesday: Artichoke Socks

Lately I’ve been pretty bad about posting. I always have WIPs and I’ve even forgot a few WIP Wednesdays. I’m going to try and fix that. I’ve also come up with a posting schedule I’m happy with.

Etsy Mondays
WIP Wednesdays
FO Fridays
Sock/Shawl Saturdays

The sock I’ve been working on is from October’s challenge from SKA (Sock Knitter’s Anonymous) that I haven’t finished yet. SKA gives two months so I can still turn the pair in and have them count towards prizes if I finish this month. At the beginning of the month, I was still on the foot of the first sock (these are done 1aat).

As you can see, I’m now partly into the leg of the second sock. The first one took me awhile because the foot is done differently from what I’m used to. Instead of just knitting the sole stitches, they decrease to form an arched foot. It was different but actually easy once I got going on it. The second always takes me less time.

I doubt I’ll finish them Friday, but hopefully I’ll have something from this month to show then!