WIP Wednesday: Artichoke Socks

Lately I’ve been pretty bad about posting. I always have WIPs and I’ve even forgot a few WIP Wednesdays. I’m going to try and fix that. I’ve also come up with a posting schedule I’m happy with.

Etsy Mondays
WIP Wednesdays
FO Fridays
Sock/Shawl Saturdays

The sock I’ve been working on is from October’s challenge from SKA (Sock Knitter’s Anonymous) that I haven’t finished yet. SKA gives two months so I can still turn the pair in and have them count towards prizes if I finish this month. At the beginning of the month, I was still on the foot of the first sock (these are done 1aat).

As you can see, I’m now partly into the leg of the second sock. The first one took me awhile because the foot is done differently from what I’m used to. Instead of just knitting the sole stitches, they decrease to form an arched foot. It was different but actually easy once I got going on it. The second always takes me less time.

I doubt I’ll finish them Friday, but hopefully I’ll have something from this month to show then!


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