WIP Wednesday: Endpaper Mitts

This last week I’ve been working steadily on several projects but haven’t finished anything yet (hence, no FO post Friday.) And then this weekend was majorly busy with company so I forgot about Saturday’s sock update and Monday’s Etsy update. This week is better, as I’ve already finished something for Friday.

Today I’m working on my very first pair of colorwork fingerless mitts, nicknamed the Kairi mitts after Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite video games series and a couple friends and I have designed KALs for specific characters from both KH and Final Fantasy. We pick out patterns and colors and assign them to certain characters. Kairi wears pink most of the game but because I’m not a pink fan, I picked out a colorway I have that is a pink/purple/red multi and looks amazing with a black yarn.

You can see why I’m loving them. I haven’t really done colorwork before but I know how to do it because I’ve tried before. The first two times it was a Ravenclaw bag I will one day do. Third time it was these mitts, same yarn. I just realized that I’d messed up on the first one in the beginning. Instead of saving myself work and only frogging the first, I decided to redo them later, hence now. It’s going to be really nice to wear them this winter. Because of the two yarns, they’re extra thick and warm.

The picture is a little dark but you can get the idea of what they’ll look like when done.


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