Etsy Monday – Stock Total = 9

It’s Etsy Monday! Today I also got the little bit of stock I sent to dad back so that I can take more pictures of it and list it on Etsy. I did find some white pieces of not-quite poster board that I can use for some of the smaller stuff. It’s a bit thicker than real poster board but I can’t recall the name of it now. My stock of now looks like:

Green Beanie (S/M)
Gray Beanie (S)
Pink Beanie (L)
Funfur Scarf
Blue Scarf
Blue/Silver Scarf
Gray fingerless gloves
Red neckwarmer
Seaweed neckwarmer/fingerless mitts set

I actually need to redo the blue/silver scarf because it was the first scarf I ever crocheted and didn’t do it lengthwise. So because I wasn’t used to crochet, it’s wider at one end and narrower at the other. Noticeably. So I probably won’t list that one. But the rest of it is to get me started while I work on a couple others things and finish up this year’s crafting, right? I’m working on designing cabled items now, first up are the legwarmers.


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