FO Friday: Snapdragon Tam

One of my favorite and well known knitting designers is Ysolda Teague. There are many of her designs I love and one day I’ll get her latest book, Little Red in the City which is full of sweater patterns. Right now I mostly have Whimsical Little Knits 2 – a booklet of an assortment of patterns plus the few I liked from Whimsical Little Knits. There’s a hat pattern I’ve been meaning to make from WLK2 for the longest time. I’d gotten the yarn for it at least a year ago. I finally started it in September. Today, it is done.

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry
Needles: 4mm

The last beret I made was longer this one and sometimes it’s nice but I really like the size Snapdragon turned out to be.


WIP Wednesday: Movember Socks

My present to Dad for the holidays this year will be his very own pair of hand knit socks in his favorite color (red). I’ve been putting off making his socks because for one thing, my feet aren’t that big so by the time the sock foot and toe measures 7.5″ it’s time for me to do the heel. Men generally have larger feet.

But the main reason I’ve put them off until now has been the pattern. I don’t do well when there isn’t a pattern I can repeat but so many times to get the length I need/want. I can do stockinette socks a little easier than I can do ribbed socks. Ribbing kills me from boredom. But I knew I needed to do Dad’s socks this year because I had promised.

The pattern I found is called Movember, a play on words with “Mock” and “November”. It’s a man sock mystery pattern. That is, I was given part of the pattern each week in November. Because it was designed to be a man sock, I was pretty sure it would work well for Dad and looking at the finished socks, I was right.

Once Dad’s are done, I have a break time before I have to knit any more man socks. My brother wants socks but before anything else, he wants a full set using bamboo – hat/scarf/gloves/socks.

FO Friday: Endpaper Mitts

This past week has been a busy one. I didn’t manage a WIP post this week because on Wednesday I was so busy trying to finish the mittens I had to finish that night because of a deadline (I made it btw). Right now I’m sitting at 10 WIPs total, if we add in the hibernating projects. It’s down to 6 if we don’t.

On Monday I finished my very first colorwork. It’s fair isle which only works with two different strands of yarn and isn’t that hard. But it can create some amazing patterns. I absolutely love my mitts, which are also the Kairi KAL from my video game KALs I’ve talked about.

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Kettle-dyed in Soot;
Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Berry Patch
Needle: 2mm and 2.75mm