FO Friday: Endpaper Mitts

This past week has been a busy one. I didn’t manage a WIP post this week because on Wednesday I was so busy trying to finish the mittens I had to finish that night because of a deadline (I made it btw). Right now I’m sitting at 10 WIPs total, if we add in the hibernating projects. It’s down to 6 if we don’t.

On Monday I finished my very first colorwork. It’s fair isle which only works with two different strands of yarn and isn’t that hard. But it can create some amazing patterns. I absolutely love my mitts, which are also the Kairi KAL from my video game KALs I’ve talked about.

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Kettle-dyed in Soot;
Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in Berry Patch
Needle: 2mm and 2.75mm


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