FO Friday: Diamond & Cable socks

I have my first FO of the year! I ended 2011 with about 8 WIPs. Three of which are pairs of socks. Two of the three were pretty close to the end but one pair is still not even halfway yet. When I knit my socks, I do both socks at the same time for a few reasons. I like having the socks match exactly and it prevents me from getting annoyed at having to do another the exact same way. Somehow with socks I can’t stand that.

A couple days ago I completed my last pair of socks that were like that. This pair was started back in August and not done 2-at-a-time because I didn’t have a 2mm needle long enough. I’ve also ordered that needle because one of the pairs of socks I want to do soon needs it.

Pattern: Diamond and Cable socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Burgundy
Needle: 2mm

I’m really glad how they turned out and there is nothing like a new pair of handknit socks on my feet.


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