FO Friday: Castle of Dreams

I have three cousins I absolutely adore and will gladly make gifts for. As for the rest of them (and my sister), it will take a lot more will power on my part to make them anything because I won’t enjoy it. Mostly because I don’t feel like they appreciate my hard work. I know my sister doesn’t.

Kris is trying to have a baby. So far there hasn’t been any word. I’d told her that when she knew that she was expecting, I’d make her a blanket. And then about 10 days or so before her birthday party I decided that yes, I did want to make her a present. Mom had the multi sitting around and wasn’t going to use it for anything. I had the lavender and pale yellow just sitting around.

9 days later, this is what I had:

Pattern: My own. Will be posted at a later date.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Ombre in Baby Bright and Caron Simply Soft in Lavender and Pale Yellow
Needle: 3.75mm (US 5)


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