WIP Wednesday: Kairi Kneehigh Socks

This year as sort of my combined birthday and christmas, I’ll be going to the biggest anime convention on the US east coast. One of the things I love about going to anime cons is all the cosplays that people wear. For years I’ve wanted to cosplay as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. The only thing stopping me was I couldn’t find the right fabric for the skirt and tie that she wears in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II.

We found it. I’m going to help Mom sew them and we’re going to make her bag as well. That means I’m going to need a pair of blue knee high socks.

I’m not using a pattern for these. They’re supposed to be mindless stockinette but I don’t do so well with the basic boring knits. So to give myself something to think about, I added a small 4 stitch cable on one side of each sock.

I’ve also never done knee highs, ever. I’m a bit worried about how they’re going to turn out but one of my sock books talks about knee highs and I hope it’ll be enough.


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