Tour de Sock: Planning

Most everyone has heard of Tour de France right? Well, Tour de Sock is a sock race that is set up during the same time. There are six stages and each racer is to finish a pair of socks during that time, I believe its 9 days for each pair.

The only thing that happens if you don’t finish a pair is that you don’t get those imaginary points so many love. You still get all the patterns and can be entered in a drawing for prizes. I wanted to do this last year but didn’t have the donation money (7.50) needed. This year I decided I want to try it.

All of that yarn? Enough for each pair. They’ve already released the list of how much yarn you’ll need. I won’t be using ALL of that up because I have small feet and 100g of sock yarn can get me almost 2 pairs of socks. Or knee highs.


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