Tour de Sock: Stage Two

Stage 2 of TdS has been long over, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, here they are!

This pair nearly killed me for two reasons. One, I’d never done fair isle in socks before. Gloves? Oh yeah. But not socks. I wasn’t thinking when I did the first one because if I had, I’d have remembered that when I do fair isle, the combo of 2mm for cuff and 2.75mm for the fair isle works well. The second reason was that this was the first time I did an afterthought heel. I had no idea what I was doing.

I remembered my 2mm/2.75mm combo on the second sock. So they don’t match. I also don’t like that the pattern continued on the bottom of the sock, where no one is going to see it. Most other fair isle socks I’ve seen have a basic pattern on the bottom and the pattern on the top of the foot. I like that better.


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