FO Friday: Fili and Kili Amigurumi

Ever since Rae found Pocket Thor and Pocket Loki, she’s been turning  every character she can think of into mini amigurumi. High up on the list was Thorin and Company from the Hobbit. I, of course fell in love with the idea so had to follow her example. I’ve already made Thor and will eventually finish my Avengers set (I also need to buy the right green for the Hulk). Currently, the dwarves from the Hobbit are higher on my list of amis to do. 


We’ve been using the pattern for Pocket Loki, just altering colors. The yarn used is KP’s Palette, which has endless color options so its the best fit. :)

After the dwarves (and Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum), I think I’m going to do the Fellowship, followed by finishing up the Avengers and then at least make myself a Sherlock if not also a John Watson. The possibilities are endless~


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