FO Friday: Kairi Kneehigh Socks

Its taken me a year, but they’re finally done. I’ve wanted to cosplay Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 for awhile. It took me forever to find the right fabric for her skirt but I finally did. It was shortly after that when I started her socks. instead of following a pattern, I made this one up as I went, as her socks were supposed to be all stockinette. That would be too much for me so I added a small cable on the outside of each sock.



The only guidance I needed and used was the leg increases. One of my favorite sock designers, Wendy Johnson, explained how she did it in her book Toe Up Socks For Everybody. Once I knew how, it was just a matter of working on them. Most of the time they sat on a backburner while I worked on other things. In April, I decided that I really wanted to get them done and pulled them out.

I panicked pretty badly when I thought I was going to run out of yarn, because the yarn I was using (KP Essential Kettle Dyed in Jay) was discontinued. Somehow, I managed to find enough, just enough, and finished them.


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