FO Friday: Norwegian Rose Socks

They’re finally done! Actually they’ve been done for awhile. I’ve been meaning to make this pattern for a long time, I just never actually did it. It also took me two tries to make a pair of fair isle socks that could go over my heel. They’re still pretty tight too. Maybe the next time I do a pair of full fair isle socks, I’ll go up another size.


Pattern: Norwegian Rose Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Natural and Blue Topaz
Needles: 2mm and 2.75mm

All in all, I’m really happy with the way they turned out.


Birthday comes early~

My birthday is Monday and I wasn’t looking forward to it this year because I figured I’d be spending it without anyone to hang out with. Plans are in the works for me to go spend several weeks with my brother. And a super happy thing came in the mail today, from two of my best friends.


Trindle~ I’d been wanting one after hearing Rae and Cotton talk about them. I just wasn’t going to get one yet. Now I don’t have to because they got me one for my birthday. :3 You can look at the different trindles in Trindleman’s etsy shop here

Tour de Sock: Stage Two, Day Two

It is time for stage two! I’m absolutely loving how the designer combined both colorwork and cables. I didn’t get much knitting done on stage two yesterday because we had company that I needed to entertain. I also didn’t pick the best color for a main color – dark green. I can see to knit with it at night but its harder to knit than a lighter color.

Stage Two – Chicane Socks

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered just how difficult it is to knit colorwork 2aat. I managed it though. However, I can’t do the cables 2aat. There are several rows where stitches need to be moved around and it it just easier if I knit them separately. 


It’s hard to tell that the yarn is a dark green/silver pair instead of black/white pair. If I ever do this pair again, I’m thinking of making them like this. It’s a neat way to do it. I just didn’t have enough silver left to be able to do that. The picture was taken before I gave up and put one sock onto dpns.

Tour de Sock: Stage One, Days Two and Three

I didn’t get around to finishing the socks yesterday like I wanted to. The heels and gussets took longer than I thought they would. But I did learn a new way to pick up stitches with these socks (even though I learned it after I picked up the stitches…) and a way to finally make sure that I don’t get any holes where I rejoin the sole stitches to the instep stitches. 


I got almost to the toe before I went to bed on Day 2. This sock was made in stages over three days. Cuff and leg on day one, heel and gusset on day two, the rest of the foot and toe on day 3.


As it turns out, I did too many pattern repeats for it to fit my 9″ foot. The sock is super stretchy and because its just too long, I can’t be comfy with it having the extra inch. I will, however, be making this pattern again. Maybe exactly the same way because I love them so much. Just not for awhile! 

Tour de Sock: Stage One, Day One

Just like last year, I’m doing Tour de Sock again this year. The pattern for the first stage went up today and I’m really loving it so far. The leg chart was easy to memorize and looks amazing in the yarn and beads I picked out.

Stage One – The Secret Fan

I’m about halfway through the leg now. It was required that we bead at least one of the fans (the leg repeats). It could have been on one sock but I went ahead and beaded both socks, on the front of the sock, on the same fan. I knew that if I only did one sock, it would annoy me.