Tour de Sock: Stage One, Days Two and Three

I didn’t get around to finishing the socks yesterday like I wanted to. The heels and gussets took longer than I thought they would. But I did learn a new way to pick up stitches with these socks (even though I learned it after I picked up the stitches…) and a way to finally make sure that I don’t get any holes where I rejoin the sole stitches to the instep stitches. 


I got almost to the toe before I went to bed on Day 2. This sock was made in stages over three days. Cuff and leg on day one, heel and gusset on day two, the rest of the foot and toe on day 3.


As it turns out, I did too many pattern repeats for it to fit my 9″ foot. The sock is super stretchy and because its just too long, I can’t be comfy with it having the extra inch. I will, however, be making this pattern again. Maybe exactly the same way because I love them so much. Just not for awhile! 


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