WIP Wednesday: Celestarium Shawl

I’m not sure how many of my friends realize just how deep my love of the night sky, stars and the constellations runs. It runs as deep as my love for mythology and ancient civilizations, especially the Greeks. If I felt I could make a living studying them, I would. But its so hard to make a living doing what you love these days. The point is, I love them very much but its hard to show it. And then I ran across this shawl.

The shawl I’m making is Celestarium, for the Northern Sky. It has a sister shawl, Southern Skies which is obviously for the Southern Sky. After I finish Celestarium and a few other shawls on my to do list that I already have yarn for, I want to get the yarn for Southern Skies. I’m pretty sure I bought enough beads for both shawls. I just need to decide if I want Southern Skies to be black as well, or another dark color like navy.


This picture is up to date through the fourth chart. I am now about 10 rows into the 5th. Most of the shawl is knit in the 5th and 6th charts. The pattern has yarn overs and beads but I decided I just wanted to bead without the yarn overs. I’m very happy with making that choice. For my first circular shawl, it’s very easy.


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