FO Friday: Sylveon

I didn’t think I was going to have a FO to show off this week but then last night I got inspired to work on one of my hibernating projects. There are far less pokemon patterns on Raverly then I would expect there to be, especially of popular pokemon. I’m not asking for someone to sit down and design each and every pokemon – there are over 700 now! I’m mostly thinking of the popular ones, like the Eevevolutions and all the starter pokemon. There isn’t even a design for Bulbasaur. Okay, that’s wrong. There are some but none of them are as good as one plushie designer I’ve found.

That’s why I’ve started making my own designs. I have made Miltank on commission but the ones I truly want to make are all the Eevevolutions. Right now there are two listed that meet my standards. Maybe I’m a pokemon snob but I have high standards for plushies. The only ones out are Umbreon and Eevee. So I’ve started working on designing the rest, starting with the most current, Sylveon. I’m going to make the ones I have yarn for first and then buy yarn for the ones I can’t.


The only thing Sylveon needs now is the ribbons. My brother is going to help me figure out the best way to make them. We’ve pretty much agreed that making them out of yarn would make the head too heavy.  So as far as yarn goes, Sylveon is done. Once I get the ribbons made I’ll write up the pages of pattern I have written down and publish it on Rav.


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