Current WIPs: 9

It’s been a long time since I’ve used this blog but as I have made two new blogs on WordPress, decided to bring this one back to life as well. One blog is for my Etsy shop where I will talk about some knitting but I won’t be talking about everything on there. Since it has been so long since I’ve used this blog, I’ll post a list of WIPs I’m currently working on. This will not be all of my WIPs.

Hitchhiker | Project Page
Seraphim | Project Page

Currently, I am working on two of the four shawls on my needles. Seraphim is a shawl I’ve made before but because of how much I wore it and it is made from lace weight yarn, it has since formed holes in it. I will be sending the original off to a friend to try and repair it since I’m too emotional about it to try. The second one I am making from fingering weight and it a much larger shawl. Hitchhiker is a KAL that Nerd Girl Yarns is hosting in their Ravelry group here. At first, I wasn’t going to do it but Hitchhiker is a shawl I’ve been meaning to knit for a very long time. Since it is such a relaxing and easy knit, I gave in and cast on.

Plan A | Project Page
Foxes Face Socks | Project Page
Secret Socks | Project Page

I love knitting socks. Socks are an easy project to have on the go. I used to have twice as many sock projects but I recently went through and frogged the ones I hadn’t worked on in a really long time. When I did this, the only socks left on my needles were the Secret Socks. I knit these socks to test a pattern for a really good friend of mine. When she releases the pattern, I will reveal them and I can’t wait!

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot of moon energy and one of the groups I participate in, HPKCHC, does class prompts and one of them for last month was to knit something inspired by the moon. I didn’t finish them but I’m really excited to have them when done. Foxes are my favorite animal so I pulled that energy into the socks as well.

This time of year is one of my favorite times of year because it is Tour de Sock! Tour de Sock is a knitting competition with six rounds of sock patterns to knit in the given time. This year I’m only playing along as a cheerleader so I won’t be getting points and can modify the socks if I want but it’s all great fun. All information for TdS is listed in their Ravelry group which I have linked above.

Vivid | Project Page
CPY Scrap Yarn Blanket | Project Page
Song of Stars Blanket | Project Page

It is summer so I must be crazy to be working on 2-3 blankets but I am. I haven’t started the third (Vivid) yet because I’m using it as my reward for finishing a blanket for a friend. Song of Stars is a blanket I’m designing while I’m making it for my best friend. It is a blanket I am weaving fertility magick into for her to help her hopefully have the baby she’s been wanting.

CPY Scrap Yarn Blanket is a scrap blanket I am making entirely of scraps leftover from Cauldron’s Path Yarns. The dyer behind the yarn is one of my very good friends and I absolutely love all of her yarns. It will be a project I am going to be working on for a very long time. Both she and another one of my friends have already donated some scraps for it as well.

House Sweater | Project Page

I don’t knit sweaters much but I do love them so I should make more. My only sweater right now is a Harry Potter house sweater that is mostly grey with some blue and silver for Ravenclaw. The second movie for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out this November so it would be really nice to finish the sweater in time to wear it to the movie this winter.