It’s been awhile

Wow, it seems like it’s been forever since I last posted about anything. I got a new job in the middle of February and it’s kept me pretty busy. I started out as temp at my job and have recently been hired on permanently. It’s super exciting. I also bought myself a car for some much needed freedom in May. It’s now late June and my birthday is right around the corner. I’ve still been knitting of course, just a lot less then I would like to be.


I recently finished a pair of Ravens in the Snow for my best friend Rachel as a late Christmas present. She absolutely loved them. Her reaction was worth keeping them a secret for so long.


I also finished a pair of socks for me recently too! They are Basket Case Socks by Wendy Johnson in the Knit Picks Stroll colorway Everglade Heather. I absolutely love them! They took some time to make because I don’t think there was a single row without one stitch or another being crossed somewhere.

Every summer I take part in a knitting competition called Tour de Sock. There are 6 sock patterns that come out and a certain amount of time to knit them in to get points. I don’t care about the points as I do how much fun it is. There are always some really pretty patterns. So far we have Wye, Kam Chu and Roll the Bones just was released last night. I have only finished Wye so far.


Kam Chu is being worked on in a very pretty pinkish purple yarn. Roll the Bones will be a caramel brown and dark forest green. Pictures of them will come soon. In addition to socks, I’ve been working on finishing a few WIPs and I also started a new shawl. I’ve had this yarn in stash for awhile, wanting to find the perfect thing to use it for. It is a blue and brown variegated yarn, perfect for anything Ravenclaw. I finally settled on making an Elise Shawl with it. I keep the shawl with me in my purse so I can work on during my breaks at work and not have something that is overly complicated for work knitting.


Until next time, keep knitting!


Gearing up for Ravellenics 2014!

As I’m sure everyone is aware of, the Olympics start very soon. For years knitters that means that the Ravellenics will also be starting very soon. I am only planning on entering three, maybe four events this year: Sock Hockey, Toy Tobogganing, WIP Dancing and maybe Mitten Moguls. My main goals are three WIPs I want to finish and designing Espeon for Toy Tobogganing. I have gathered the yarn needed and set it in my yarn basket that lives near my computer. I have also started the project pages so all I need to do is pick up my needles and go.

The socks on my needles are Basket Case Socks and a pair of socks I’m designing myself. Basket Case is taking so long because I’m crossing stitches every row and eventually get tired of it so put them down for awhile. If I get to start any new socks, it’ll probably be easy patterns that are known for looking okay with variegated yarns. I have so much variegated yarn and really want to work on using it up.

The last WIP is a pair of stranded mitts that were supposed to be a present two months ago. The friend I’m making them for has no idea and I know she’ll absolutely love them. The pair of mitts I would be making for Mitten Moguls is more pairs of the Oncoming Storm mitts I made a few days ago.

FO Friday: Sylveon

I didn’t think I was going to have a FO to show off this week but then last night I got inspired to work on one of my hibernating projects. There are far less pokemon patterns on Raverly then I would expect there to be, especially of popular pokemon. I’m not asking for someone to sit down and design each and every pokemon – there are over 700 now! I’m mostly thinking of the popular ones, like the Eevevolutions and all the starter pokemon. There isn’t even a design for Bulbasaur. Okay, that’s wrong. There are some but none of them are as good as one plushie designer I’ve found.

That’s why I’ve started making my own designs. I have made Miltank on commission but the ones I truly want to make are all the Eevevolutions. Right now there are two listed that meet my standards. Maybe I’m a pokemon snob but I have high standards for plushies. The only ones out are Umbreon and Eevee. So I’ve started working on designing the rest, starting with the most current, Sylveon. I’m going to make the ones I have yarn for first and then buy yarn for the ones I can’t.


The only thing Sylveon needs now is the ribbons. My brother is going to help me figure out the best way to make them. We’ve pretty much agreed that making them out of yarn would make the head too heavy.  So as far as yarn goes, Sylveon is done. Once I get the ribbons made I’ll write up the pages of pattern I have written down and publish it on Rav.

WIP Wednesday: Foxxy Lady

Remember how last week I was talking a fox shawl? Well, I gave in and started it. I want to try and finish it in time to wear it to a friend’s wedding in April. I don’t have many sprint colored shawls and I certainly don’t have any wraps. Currently, all my shawls are triangle shawls except for Celestarium which isn’t a spring colored shawl. I could try and finish Celestarium but I also really want the fox shawl.


Can you see the fox faces? The colorway I’m using is called Foxtrot and I don’t think it could be any more perfect. I play around with the idea of a light blue but I think I like the purple more.

FO Friday: Fox Amigurumi

Ask anyone who knows me well: I love foxes. Sometime in December I noticed that I hadn’t knit or crocheted a single fox thing. There aren’t as many fox patterns as there are, say, owl patterns but there are some. There is a fox shawl pattern, FoxxyLady that I plan on making sometime in the future when I decide on what yarn to use. Until then, I decided to go with what was the easiest thing to make: a fox amigurumi! I have fox statues, paintings and stuffed animals, but no handmade plushies. There’s just something about having one that I’ve made myself.

Lynn Ami

I don’t really have a fox type I prefer as it is hard enough to find fox things that I can’t be picky but I do really love the arctic fox. My next fox project will probably be the shawl or one of the two sock patterns. There’s also a hat but it is made in a weight of yarn I don’t have a lot of.

WIP Wednesday: Basket Case Socks

I’ve been working on a lot of things for my etsy store this month and not a lot for me. About a week ago I started a pair of socks with a shade of green yarn I’ve been wanting to use. I have several yarns that have been sitting around for awhile, waiting for the perfect pattern and this green was one of them. The pattern that ended up fitting with them is Basket Case Socks by Wendy Johnson. She’s one of my favorite sock designers and I have both of her toe up sock books.


The first repeat took the longest because I haven’t done 2-at-a-time socks in quite some time and the cabling took some getting used to. They should go much faster now. It’ll be nice to have new socks. One of the socks from the last pair I made ended up vanishing so its taken me months to want to knit socks again.

WIP Wednesday: Celestarium Shawl

I’m not sure how many of my friends realize just how deep my love of the night sky, stars and the constellations runs. It runs as deep as my love for mythology and ancient civilizations, especially the Greeks. If I felt I could make a living studying them, I would. But its so hard to make a living doing what you love these days. The point is, I love them very much but its hard to show it. And then I ran across this shawl.

The shawl I’m making is Celestarium, for the Northern Sky. It has a sister shawl, Southern Skies which is obviously for the Southern Sky. After I finish Celestarium and a few other shawls on my to do list that I already have yarn for, I want to get the yarn for Southern Skies. I’m pretty sure I bought enough beads for both shawls. I just need to decide if I want Southern Skies to be black as well, or another dark color like navy.


This picture is up to date through the fourth chart. I am now about 10 rows into the 5th. Most of the shawl is knit in the 5th and 6th charts. The pattern has yarn overs and beads but I decided I just wanted to bead without the yarn overs. I’m very happy with making that choice. For my first circular shawl, it’s very easy.