Gearing up for Ravellenics 2014!

As I’m sure everyone is aware of, the Olympics start very soon. For years knitters that means that the Ravellenics will also be starting very soon. I am only planning on entering three, maybe four events this year: Sock Hockey, Toy Tobogganing, WIP Dancing and maybe Mitten Moguls. My main goals are three WIPs I want to finish and designing Espeon for Toy Tobogganing. I have gathered the yarn needed and set it in my yarn basket that lives near my computer. I have also started the project pages so all I need to do is pick up my needles and go.

The socks on my needles are Basket Case Socks and a pair of socks I’m designing myself. Basket Case is taking so long because I’m crossing stitches every row and eventually get tired of it so put them down for awhile. If I get to start any new socks, it’ll probably be easy patterns that are known for looking okay with variegated yarns. I have so much variegated yarn and really want to work on using it up.

The last WIP is a pair of stranded mitts that were supposed to be a present two months ago. The friend I’m making them for has no idea and I know she’ll absolutely love them. The pair of mitts I would be making for Mitten Moguls is more pairs of the Oncoming Storm mitts I made a few days ago.


Ravellenics 2012: Eagle’s Flight WIP

The second WIP for Ravellenics I’ll be working on is a pair of socks. Specifically, they are my Ravenclaw socks. I’m using KP Stroll in Shoreline Twist – which is bronze and blue twisted together in an eagle pattern. :D It’s perfect!

I don’t really know why these haven’t gotten finished. I think it was from too many projects at once. These were started in November 2011.

Ravellenics 2012: Laminaria WIP

Ravellenics is here! I’m starting myself off with a four project plan – finishing two WIPs and making two projects. The first of my WIPs that I want to finish is Laminaria.

I started this shawl back in, oh, June 2011. For one reason or another I just haven’t finished it. I picked it up once since then but other projects got in the way of finishing this shawl and it would be forgotten. Now is the perfect time to finally get it done.