Current WIPs: 9

It’s been a long time since I’ve used this blog but as I have made two new blogs on WordPress, decided to bring this one back to life as well. One blog is for my Etsy shop where I will talk about some knitting but I won’t be talking about everything on there. Since it has been so long since I’ve used this blog, I’ll post a list of WIPs I’m currently working on. This will not be all of my WIPs.

Hitchhiker | Project Page
Seraphim | Project Page

Currently, I am working on two of the four shawls on my needles. Seraphim is a shawl I’ve made before but because of how much I wore it and it is made from lace weight yarn, it has since formed holes in it. I will be sending the original off to a friend to try and repair it since I’m too emotional about it to try. The second one I am making from fingering weight and it a much larger shawl. Hitchhiker is a KAL that Nerd Girl Yarns is hosting in their Ravelry group here. At first, I wasn’t going to do it but Hitchhiker is a shawl I’ve been meaning to knit for a very long time. Since it is such a relaxing and easy knit, I gave in and cast on.

Plan A | Project Page
Foxes Face Socks | Project Page
Secret Socks | Project Page

I love knitting socks. Socks are an easy project to have on the go. I used to have twice as many sock projects but I recently went through and frogged the ones I hadn’t worked on in a really long time. When I did this, the only socks left on my needles were the Secret Socks. I knit these socks to test a pattern for a really good friend of mine. When she releases the pattern, I will reveal them and I can’t wait!

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot of moon energy and one of the groups I participate in, HPKCHC, does class prompts and one of them for last month was to knit something inspired by the moon. I didn’t finish them but I’m really excited to have them when done. Foxes are my favorite animal so I pulled that energy into the socks as well.

This time of year is one of my favorite times of year because it is Tour de Sock! Tour de Sock is a knitting competition with six rounds of sock patterns to knit in the given time. This year I’m only playing along as a cheerleader so I won’t be getting points and can modify the socks if I want but it’s all great fun. All information for TdS is listed in their Ravelry group which I have linked above.

Vivid | Project Page
CPY Scrap Yarn Blanket | Project Page
Song of Stars Blanket | Project Page

It is summer so I must be crazy to be working on 2-3 blankets but I am. I haven’t started the third (Vivid) yet because I’m using it as my reward for finishing a blanket for a friend. Song of Stars is a blanket I’m designing while I’m making it for my best friend. It is a blanket I am weaving fertility magick into for her to help her hopefully have the baby she’s been wanting.

CPY Scrap Yarn Blanket is a scrap blanket I am making entirely of scraps leftover from Cauldron’s Path Yarns. The dyer behind the yarn is one of my very good friends and I absolutely love all of her yarns. It will be a project I am going to be working on for a very long time. Both she and another one of my friends have already donated some scraps for it as well.

House Sweater | Project Page

I don’t knit sweaters much but I do love them so I should make more. My only sweater right now is a Harry Potter house sweater that is mostly grey with some blue and silver for Ravenclaw. The second movie for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out this November so it would be really nice to finish the sweater in time to wear it to the movie this winter.


It’s been awhile

Wow, it seems like it’s been forever since I last posted about anything. I got a new job in the middle of February and it’s kept me pretty busy. I started out as temp at my job and have recently been hired on permanently. It’s super exciting. I also bought myself a car for some much needed freedom in May. It’s now late June and my birthday is right around the corner. I’ve still been knitting of course, just a lot less then I would like to be.


I recently finished a pair of Ravens in the Snow for my best friend Rachel as a late Christmas present. She absolutely loved them. Her reaction was worth keeping them a secret for so long.


I also finished a pair of socks for me recently too! They are Basket Case Socks by Wendy Johnson in the Knit Picks Stroll colorway Everglade Heather. I absolutely love them! They took some time to make because I don’t think there was a single row without one stitch or another being crossed somewhere.

Every summer I take part in a knitting competition called Tour de Sock. There are 6 sock patterns that come out and a certain amount of time to knit them in to get points. I don’t care about the points as I do how much fun it is. There are always some really pretty patterns. So far we have Wye, Kam Chu and Roll the Bones just was released last night. I have only finished Wye so far.


Kam Chu is being worked on in a very pretty pinkish purple yarn. Roll the Bones will be a caramel brown and dark forest green. Pictures of them will come soon. In addition to socks, I’ve been working on finishing a few WIPs and I also started a new shawl. I’ve had this yarn in stash for awhile, wanting to find the perfect thing to use it for. It is a blue and brown variegated yarn, perfect for anything Ravenclaw. I finally settled on making an Elise Shawl with it. I keep the shawl with me in my purse so I can work on during my breaks at work and not have something that is overly complicated for work knitting.


Until next time, keep knitting!

Tour de Sock: Stage Two, Day Two

It is time for stage two! I’m absolutely loving how the designer combined both colorwork and cables. I didn’t get much knitting done on stage two yesterday because we had company that I needed to entertain. I also didn’t pick the best color for a main color – dark green. I can see to knit with it at night but its harder to knit than a lighter color.

Stage Two – Chicane Socks

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered just how difficult it is to knit colorwork 2aat. I managed it though. However, I can’t do the cables 2aat. There are several rows where stitches need to be moved around and it it just easier if I knit them separately. 


It’s hard to tell that the yarn is a dark green/silver pair instead of black/white pair. If I ever do this pair again, I’m thinking of making them like this. It’s a neat way to do it. I just didn’t have enough silver left to be able to do that. The picture was taken before I gave up and put one sock onto dpns.

Tour de Sock: Stage One, Days Two and Three

I didn’t get around to finishing the socks yesterday like I wanted to. The heels and gussets took longer than I thought they would. But I did learn a new way to pick up stitches with these socks (even though I learned it after I picked up the stitches…) and a way to finally make sure that I don’t get any holes where I rejoin the sole stitches to the instep stitches. 


I got almost to the toe before I went to bed on Day 2. This sock was made in stages over three days. Cuff and leg on day one, heel and gusset on day two, the rest of the foot and toe on day 3.


As it turns out, I did too many pattern repeats for it to fit my 9″ foot. The sock is super stretchy and because its just too long, I can’t be comfy with it having the extra inch. I will, however, be making this pattern again. Maybe exactly the same way because I love them so much. Just not for awhile! 

Tour de Sock: Stage One, Day One

Just like last year, I’m doing Tour de Sock again this year. The pattern for the first stage went up today and I’m really loving it so far. The leg chart was easy to memorize and looks amazing in the yarn and beads I picked out.

Stage One – The Secret Fan

I’m about halfway through the leg now. It was required that we bead at least one of the fans (the leg repeats). It could have been on one sock but I went ahead and beaded both socks, on the front of the sock, on the same fan. I knew that if I only did one sock, it would annoy me.


Tour de Sock: Stage Two

Stage 2 of TdS has been long over, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, here they are!

This pair nearly killed me for two reasons. One, I’d never done fair isle in socks before. Gloves? Oh yeah. But not socks. I wasn’t thinking when I did the first one because if I had, I’d have remembered that when I do fair isle, the combo of 2mm for cuff and 2.75mm for the fair isle works well. The second reason was that this was the first time I did an afterthought heel. I had no idea what I was doing.

I remembered my 2mm/2.75mm combo on the second sock. So they don’t match. I also don’t like that the pattern continued on the bottom of the sock, where no one is going to see it. Most other fair isle socks I’ve seen have a basic pattern on the bottom and the pattern on the top of the foot. I like that better.

Tour de Sock: Stage One

The first stage of TdS is over and I just barely finished in time!

Pattern: Saint Michel Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Atmosphere Multi
Needle: 2.5mm

There are two things, should I make this pattern again, that I will change. First, I’d do it in a solid. I’ve been wanting to use this yarn and it isn’t *so* bad with the pattern, but it definitely shows up better in a solid. Second, I’d do a stockinette toe. I’d never done a lace toe before (but didn’t like idea) however we had to follow the pattern exactly. So I did. Some others who are also doing Tour de Sock put in a lifeline before starting the toe. When they had turned in their socks, they ripped back and reknit them as stockinette toes. That would have been the smart thing to do…