FO Friday: Fox Amigurumi

Ask anyone who knows me well: I love foxes. Sometime in December I noticed that I hadn’t knit or crocheted a single fox thing. There aren’t as many fox patterns as there are, say, owl patterns but there are some. There is a fox shawl pattern, FoxxyLady that I plan on making sometime in the future when I decide on what yarn to use. Until then, I decided to go with what was the easiest thing to make: a fox amigurumi! I have fox statues, paintings and stuffed animals, but no handmade plushies. There’s just something about having one that I’ve made myself.

Lynn Ami

I don’t really have a fox type I prefer as it is hard enough to find fox things that I can’t be picky but I do really love the arctic fox. My next fox project will probably be the shawl or one of the two sock patterns. There’s also a hat but it is made in a weight of yarn I don’t have a lot of.


FO Friday: Fili and Kili Amigurumi

Ever since Rae found Pocket Thor and Pocket Loki, she’s been turning  every character she can think of into mini amigurumi. High up on the list was Thorin and Company from the Hobbit. I, of course fell in love with the idea so had to follow her example. I’ve already made Thor and will eventually finish my Avengers set (I also need to buy the right green for the Hulk). Currently, the dwarves from the Hobbit are higher on my list of amis to do. 


We’ve been using the pattern for Pocket Loki, just altering colors. The yarn used is KP’s Palette, which has endless color options so its the best fit. :)

After the dwarves (and Bilbo, Gandalf and Gollum), I think I’m going to do the Fellowship, followed by finishing up the Avengers and then at least make myself a Sherlock if not also a John Watson. The possibilities are endless~

FO Friday: Miltank

Recently, I was commissioned to make a Miltank for a friend to give to a friend of his that was graduating. There wasn’t a pattern for Miltank but that didn’t mean I couldn’t make one. I’ve always been able to design a pokemon pretty easily if I make it with crochet. Once I made the first one, making pokemon just comes pretty easily to me. Sometimes, like this time, it takes a bit of figuring out but in the end it always turns out really well.


Pattern: Miltank Plushie
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Victorian Rose (mostly)
Hook: G/4.25mm

As there wasn’t a pattern for Miltank and I haven’t put mine on Raverly yet, the pattern link takes you to the project page. I’ll get around to posting the actual pattern eventually.

FO Friday: Pocket Thor

For a long time, ever since Rachel made her Pocket Thor and Pocket Loki, I’ve been wanting to make my own. I tried to make Loki with embroidery floss (bad idea!) but it didn’t work out so I had to wait until I had the money to buy the right colors in a fingering weight yarn. I went with Palette because a, it was what Rae used and b, it was pretty cheap. 


Pattern: Pocket Thor
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette
Hook: 2mm

The making of the pieces for Thor didn’t take me any time. I tend to procrastinate when it comes to assembling the pieces of an amigurumi. I really happy with how he came out though. The only thing I want to change at all is Mjolnir. I made a skelton for it but I didn’t attach the pieces of the skeleton before attaching the yarn so its a, uh, floppy hammer. I would like to redo it at some point but for now, it’s fine.