WIP Wednesday: Original Roxas Bag

As a belated Christmas present, I’ve started working on a bag like the one I made for my 3DS. It’s for my friend Denice, however I have to do some resizing because she has the original DS and its enough bigger that making the same size won’t work. Luckily, I have my own original DS to test it out on as I make the bag.

ImageSince I’ve already made two of these, it should go fairly quickly. Which is good because as much as I like the bags, I’m tired of knitting in a checkered pattern. The one I made for myself can be found here.




FO Friday: Norwegian Star Beanie

It’s been forever since I’ve posted an FO! It’s the season of Yule which means I’ve been busy knitting presents for others. I’m certainly not making a present for every one. If I did that, I’d never have time to knit for myself! Besides, I think its more special to get a handmade present only sometimes, because then that makes them really special.


Pattern: Norwegian Star Beanie

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Red and Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Lake Ice Heather

Needles: 5mm

Mods: I forgot to do the last half an inch of ribbing at the brim so I added the same number of rows it would have been to the stockinette before the decreases.