WIP Wednesday: Basket Case Socks

I’ve been working on a lot of things for my etsy store this month and not a lot for me. About a week ago I started a pair of socks with a shade of green yarn I’ve been wanting to use. I have several yarns that have been sitting around for awhile, waiting for the perfect pattern and this green was one of them. The pattern that ended up fitting with them is Basket Case Socks by Wendy Johnson. She’s one of my favorite sock designers and I have both of her toe up sock books.


The first repeat took the longest because I haven’t done 2-at-a-time socks in quite some time and the cabling took some getting used to. They should go much faster now. It’ll be nice to have new socks. One of the socks from the last pair I made ended up vanishing so its taken me months to want to knit socks again.


WIP Wednesday: Celestarium Shawl

I’m not sure how many of my friends realize just how deep my love of the night sky, stars and the constellations runs. It runs as deep as my love for mythology and ancient civilizations, especially the Greeks. If I felt I could make a living studying them, I would. But its so hard to make a living doing what you love these days. The point is, I love them very much but its hard to show it. And then I ran across this shawl.

The shawl I’m making is Celestarium, for the Northern Sky. It has a sister shawl, Southern Skies which is obviously for the Southern Sky. After I finish Celestarium and a few other shawls on my to do list that I already have yarn for, I want to get the yarn for Southern Skies. I’m pretty sure I bought enough beads for both shawls. I just need to decide if I want Southern Skies to be black as well, or another dark color like navy.


This picture is up to date through the fourth chart. I am now about 10 rows into the 5th. Most of the shawl is knit in the 5th and 6th charts. The pattern has yarn overs and beads but I decided I just wanted to bead without the yarn overs. I’m very happy with making that choice. For my first circular shawl, it’s very easy.

WIP Wednesday: Purple Magic Socks

One of my crafting goals for 2014 is to make 12 pairs of socks. That’s just one pair a month. Easy. I wanted to do that last year but then for whatever reason, hardly made any socks. I’ve missed sock knitting. The first pair of the year is an easy pair. For Christmas I got a skein of self-striping sport weight sock yarn from my aunt.


I’m actually farther than the picture shows as I took this a few days ago. The first sock is now completely done and I’m working on the second. There is no pattern to them – just plain knit socks.

WIP Wednesday: Seraphim Shawl

Recently I’ve taken Seraphim out of hibernation to work on again and finish this time. I’ve finished a total of three bigger shawls, although Laminaria is probably somewhere between shawlette and shawl. Seraphim has finally reach that point where the rows are super long so it takes awhile for one row to get done. It is nice to have that purl row to have a break from the lace.



And a close up of the lace beginning to take form:


I started Seraphim back in July of 2012. Its been over a year now. My goal for finishing it is the end of August. If I do 2-3 rows per day, I should be able to reach my goal with ease.

WIP Thursday: Lili Shrug

It’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. I miss it. There were years when I wrote something everyday. Good ole LJ, right? Anyway. I’m going to at least try to get into the routine of writing a blog post twice a week about what I’m working on. This week it’s the shrug I’ve been working on for about two weeks now. I started it last Sunday in hopes that I’d have it done on the Saturday so I could wear it to a cosplay meet up. Yeah… turned out it was going to be 74 that day and I didn’t need a long sleeved shrug (originally I thought it was going to be 66) I’m still going to finish it and the back is almost done now.



The pattern I’m using is this one, the only thing I’m doing to modify it is knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat and the sew them together later. The shrug is going in my collection of knitted cosplay items. I have a white dress that I feel works perfectly for a casual Lichtenstein dress. In the Hetalia anime, she’s mostly seen wearing a red dress, hence the red shrug. Before Otakon, I want to make her another shrug, this time with half sleeves since it’ll be, y’know, August. 

WIP Wednesday: Original Roxas Bag

As a belated Christmas present, I’ve started working on a bag like the one I made for my 3DS. It’s for my friend Denice, however I have to do some resizing because she has the original DS and its enough bigger that making the same size won’t work. Luckily, I have my own original DS to test it out on as I make the bag.

ImageSince I’ve already made two of these, it should go fairly quickly. Which is good because as much as I like the bags, I’m tired of knitting in a checkered pattern. The one I made for myself can be found here.



Tour de Sock: Stage One Progress

It’s been a crazy three days. TdS has started, we had a house concert, I had two friends sleepover and then drama happened! But, I’ve also made some progress on my stage one socks for Tour de Sock. The pattern is lace, which is good because I’m quicker at lace than I would be at say, cables. (Kairi socks, I’m staring at you.)

I’m also going to count this as my WIP Wednesday post. I’m obviously working on socks and you can see the progress I’ve made in three days (with busy life stuffs).